AutoTech Carlisle Limited has worked on BMWs, Mercedes Benz and Volvos for over 19 years and is considered one of the leading independent specialists in the North West of England.

The Autotech Team is made up of qualified vehicle technicians with specialist knowledge, capable of undertaking any task large or small. They are all highly skilled when it comes to using the latest diagnostic systems and we can very quickly get to work on your vehicle and fix any problems.

We have a modern workshop with all the latest equipment for the marques we work with and our facilities can match any franchised dealership in terms of specialist tools and diagnostic systems.


  • Warranty Intact Service

  • Auto Electrics

  • MOT Testing

  • Diagnostics

  • Air Conditioning

  • Used Vehicles


Mercedes from £160
Volvo from £200
BMW from £190























1 SERIES F20/21

5 SERIES F10/11

X5 F15


Oil service

Oil service

Oil service





Prices start from £160 and include VAT and labour


Most modern Cars now have air conditioning fitted as a standard feature. Autotech offers a complete car air conditioning recharge and general service for your vehicle. We will check your refrigerant levels and top up as part of our air con recharge service.

Bacteria and fungus can build up in your car aircon system. This creates undesirable odours that can be dangerous to you and your passengers. Ask us for a full antibacterial clean and enjoy fresh air from a clean car air conditioner.

Cars are increasingly reliant upon their electronic and electrical Systems – We are experts in auto electrics and vehicle diagnostics and our technicians can quickly diagnose any issues your vehicle can encounter.

Diagnostic technology at Autotech

The Mercedes Star Machine scanner is also used by Mercedes main dealers and it allows us to access and troubleshoot any system in your Mercedes-Benz. Additionally, we can stream live sensor data and also read and clear fault codes.

The Snap-on Verus, Autologic is a rugged handheld diagnostic tool with Internet access which means we can view up to date and complete repair information system on-screen alongside your vehicle.

Put simply, both these tools offers total diagnostic coverage of engine, chassis and body systems in our own workshop, without relying on dealer availability.

Once a vehicle is three years old it requires an annual MOT. The MOT test looks at if the vehicle meets the minimum legal requirements of roadworthiness. You should be aware though that the MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the general mechanical condition of a vehicle.

Autotech can carry out a pre-MOT inspection and tell you of any reason your vehicle may fail the MOT;  we can also undertake any work necessary and issue you with a Test Certificate.

Remember if you haven’t got an MOT your car is not considered road legal. To see if your vehicle is due an MOT or to view the current status of your vehicle visit the Government site here

Booking an MOT – All our testing is by appointment however you can arrange to have your MOT carried out up to one calendar month before its due date and keep the original anniversary date.

If your vehicle fails its MOT we can fix the problem areas and MOT retest your vehicle for free.

When servicing your vehicle under manufacturer’s warranty we follow dealer service schedules, fitting the correct genuine parts so your vehicle remains compliant and under warranty, we also ensure your DSB (Digital Service Records) is correctly filled in and up to date.

When your vehicle is out of warranty we continue to use the parts and lubricants recommended by the manufacturer, although other brands can be sourced at your request. We have access to a wide range of genuine and aftermarket suppliers to ensure we get the best value, quality parts for your vehicle.

Tyres – we recognise the importance of keeping your tyres both legal and in good order, we can fit tyres whilst your vehicle is with us for service or while you wait.

Accessories Tow Bars through to Bike Racks we supply and fit aftermarket accessories and enhancements carrying out any electrical work that may also be necessary.

How is my manufacturer’s warranty protected when Autotech service my vehicle?

The ‘Block Exemption’ European legislation introduced in 2003 means we can service your vehicle without invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty.

Autotech’s fully qualified technicians work with the latest equipment and genuine parts for your vehicle. We follow the correct servicing schedule and procedures but at significantly reduced charges, enabling you to make savings but ensuring your vehicle is worked on to the manufacturer’s specified standards.

Specialists in service and repair of Mercedes, Volvo and BMW vehicles

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